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Oolong tea - Lao Cong Ba Xian 50gr

Single Bush Lao Cong Ba Xian

Oolong tea - Lao Cong Ba Xian 50gr


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Wonderful Dancong! by John 16 Jun 2008
This is a really nice tea. I find the first infusion has a lovely floral aroma, with hints of citrus, while in the 2nd infusion a lovely sweetness appears, carrying both honey and fruit flavors. The finish is long and sweet. The hui gan keeps going and going...


My favorite by Elliot 16 Apr 2008
This was my favorite of the 2007 crop; fruity/flowery, easy to infuse numerous times, breathtaking hui gan, and a surprisingly good value!

The stuff of dreams by Sarab 13 Apr 2007
Intense cattleya orchid scent riding on a golden liquor of velvent. Ecstacy.

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