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Da Hong Pao A

Wu Yi Oolong tea - Da Hong Pao A
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Origine: Fu Jian Province
Harvesting area: Wu Yi Shan
Plantation altitude: ~ 600 meters above sea level
Harvesting: Spring 2014
Eye: good clarity, medium dark tea liquor
Nose: Medium toastiness, roasted nuts, cocoa hint
Mouth: Full bodied, medium to heavy toastiness, medium length with fruit and yellow flower.
Yixing pairing: Duan Ni, Hei Ni
Water temperature: 95C-100C
Storage: Drink now, store cool and dry for the next 3 to 5 years
Food pairing: Spicy chocolate mouss
The very first harvest from our new project farm in Wu Yi. We follow organic principles for the farming and traditional process for the making. Our tea has been tested by Eurofins and it came back absolutely free of any pesticide or fertilizer. You can inquire for the MRL (Multi Residu Level).

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Good value, but still a very special tea., 09 Oct 2005
by V Lukyanov

This is a very cheap Wuyi tea and you might expect less than what you get. Though some shops provide very heavily oxisidised Traditional Da Hong Pao teas at a very similar price they have nothing in common with this lovely and beautifully creamy tea. Everyone will notice something special about this tea, a sweet and pleasant aroma that comes out when the tea is steeped. I noticed that oversteeping is possible without due experience, especially if using a small teapot, but it is not too difficult to get it right with this tea.

Overall, price and taste combined this is a wonderful tea.


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