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An Ji Bai Cha

Green Tea - An Ji Bai Cha AAA
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With a refreshing citrussy profil, this uncommon tea has become a favorite for green tea lovers.

Origine: Zhe Jiang Province
Harvesting area: An Ji
Plantation altitude: 850 meters above sea level
Harvesting period: Spring 2015 (Ming Qian)
Tea varietal: Bai Ye Yi Hao

During the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), the "ancestor" of the An Ji Bai Cha was the only white tea recorded in the famous work: Da Guan Cha Lun (the grand sight of tea discuss).

Eye: Shinny pale white-green tea liquor, great clarity
Nose: Citrus fragrance, a fresh vegetal hint
Mouth: Aspergus, lemony in front. Slight citrus and lily notes. regreshing mouth feel, sweetness followed by a long aftertaste
Yixing pairing: Well raised Ben Sha Lu or Duan Ni
Water temperature: 85-90C
Storage: Drink now, store cool and dry
Food pairing: Salted scones

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The incredible An Ji Bai Cha AAA!, 01 May 2010
by Dave B.

The 2010 An Ji Bai Cha is an exceptional green tea with all the characteristics one would expect from the high mountain variety; light, crisp, clear and refreshing in both taste and aroma. This tea is fresh and lively, reminding me of the peak of spring when everything comes back to life, is in the best state of health, and flourishes. A solid 5 stars, best when brewed in thin porcelain.

An Ji Bai Cha, 04 Mar 2008

This is our first time to try an ji bai cha. This is the first time we try this superior tea. Its quality, color, aroma are excellent. We gavie it a 5 star rating tea


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