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Traditionally made of porcelain, gaiwan can also be made of Yixing clay or glass. With centuries of history, gaiwans have become part of everyday tea life in China.
Gaiwans can be used to infuse and drink directly tea, like in Si Chuan province or just infusing teas like in Guang Dong province. If you find yourself wondering throught the many tea markets in China, you will notice that gaiwans are the number one choice for tea vendors and customers to taste teas.
We, at Jing Tea Shop, believe that gaiwans are a must have for tea lovers. They are practical to use, they look beautiful and they are also more handy to brew tea when outside.
Gaiwan by Jing Tea Shop

Chao Zhou Plain White Gaiwan
Chao Zhou Plain White Gaiwan
Practically is the keyword when it comes to describe this little gaiwan. A perfect tool for tasting ...

Tea ware - Yixing gaiwan
Yixing Gaiwan
A very practical Yixing gaiwan which comes with its matching cup. A great tea tool to brew red tea ...

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Tea types

White tea
Yellow tea
Green tea
Oolong tea
Red tea
Black tea
Puerh tea

Famous teas

Bai Hao Yin Zhen
Da Hong Pao
Lapsang souchong
Long Jing
Milan dancong
Tie Guan Yin
Song Zhong Dancong
Tie Luo Han


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