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Yixing Teapot Xiao Pin

Yixing teapot - Yao Xian Bian Hu
Yao Xian Bian Hu
A flat shaped Yixing teapot that will provide excellent brewing condition for Wu Yi tea or Milan dan...

Yixing teapot - Gao Shi Piao
Gao Shi Piao
A small yet very practical little Yixing teapot made of the rare aged Hei Ni. A collector's item. ...

Yixing teapot - Xiao Pin 1
Xiao Pin
A very small aged Yixing teapot that will be perfect to brew small leaves red tea like Keemun tea. ...

Yixing teapot - Xiao Pin 2
Xiao Pin
The small volume of this Yixing makes it hard to pair. We suggest a Mao Jian or a aged raw fang cha....

Yixing teapot - Yao Xian Wan Xing Hu
Yao Xian Wan Xing Hu
A real little xiao pin that will work with small leaves tea such as aged raw tuo cha puerh tea. S...

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