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Yixing Teapot Xiao Pin

Yixing teapot - Kuo Kou Hu
Kuo Kou Hu
It is difficult to find a more practical Xiao Pin. The wide mouth and body will fit any tea type ...

Yixing teapot - Shi Piao
Shi Piao
A Well-balanced Shi Piao with wide mouth and body that will work with aged puerh or green teas. ...

Yixing teapot - Si Ting Long Dan
Si Ting Long Dan
Elegant carvings on a perfectly oval shaped body that call for fisted oolongs or aged pu erh. S...

Yixing teapot - Yao Xian Wan Xing Hu
Yao Xian Wan Xing Hu
A trully little Xiao Pin that will work with small leaves tea such as aged raw tuo cha puerh tea. ...

yixing teapot - Zhu Duan
Zhu Duan
An elegant and wide Xiao Pin depicting the traditional bamboo theme, one of Chinese's favorite. ...

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