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Scented tea

Welcome to Jing Tea Shop scented tea haven. Here you will only find naturally scented teas that have been elaborated following traditional processings and tested for the European Market.

Brewed cold or hot, served hot or iced. There is a multitude of ways to prepare Jing Tea Shop' scented teas and spend a delightful tasty and healthy moment.


Scented tea - Jasmine Da Bai Hao
Jasmine Da Bai Hao
Full bodied, expressive, no artificial flavoring. A perfect jasmine tea for everyday consumption ...

Scented tea - Jasmine Yin Zhen
Jasmine Yin Zhen
NOTE: Tested for EU Market Tea type : White tea Origin : Fujian Province Harvesting area : Fu D...

Scented tea - Jasmine Pearl
Jasmine Pearl
Scented with the finest jasmine flowers, our jasmine pearls deliver intense yet delicate flavor ...

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