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Chao Zhou Plain White Gaiwan
Chao Zhou Plain White Gaiwan
Practically is the keyword when it comes to describe this little gaiwan. A perfect tool for tasting ...

Dou Cai San Guo Gaiwan
Dou Cai San Guo Gaiwan
Origin : Jing De Zhen Type of Clay : Gao Ling Tu Technic : Dou Cai Processing : Hand Painted Vol...

Tea ware - Yixing gaiwan
Yixing Gaiwan
A very practical Yixing gaiwan which comes with its matching cup. A great tea tool to brew red tea ...

Tea ware - You Cai Gaiwan
You Cai
A rare brown and white Jing De Zhen You Cai Gaiwan. A high classe tea ware for a refine experience ...

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