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Feng Huang Oolong Tea

Dancong Oolong tea - Huang Zhi
Huang Zhi
Honey and big white flowers aromas. A bold, yet delicate dancong oolong tea with good tea taste. ...

Dancong Oolong tea - Ya Shi
Ya Shi
From younger tea trees than the Lao Cong Ya Shi but with a strong character. This batch is perfect...

Dancong Oolong tea - Wen Zhong
Wen Zhong
Litterally coming from the back garden of a private home. An unknow varietal with grace and finess....

Dancong oolong tea - Single bush LC Lang Cai
Single Bush Lao Cong Lang Cai
A true Single Bush oolong from the famous Wu Dong Mountain. Information Origine: Guang Dong pr...

Dancong Oolong tea - Ba Xian
Ba Xian
A very well layered Ba Xian oolong tea. Pomelo, honey, nutty and some flower with a good length. ...

Oolong tea - Milan Dancong AA
Milan Dancong AA
Reputed for its strong litchy flavor, milan dancong can also be a perfect companion for the table. ...

Dancong oolong tea - Milan AAA
Mi Lan Dancong AAA
High altitude Milan dancong from Wu Dong mountain. Strong fruity flavors with more depth and layer...

Oolong tea - Song Zhong Dancong - 50gr
Song Zhong Dancong
Harvested from trees that are over 100 years, Song Zhong dancong is one of the most famous oolong. ...

Dancong Oolong tea - Wu Dong Lao Cong Ya Shi
Lao Cong Ya Shi
High class dancong oolong tea from the higher part of Wu Dong Mountain. A real model of finesse with...

Oolong tea - Lao Cong Ba Xian 50gr
Single Bush Lao Cong Ba Xian
Rich yet delicate,our Lao Cong Ba Xian dancong offers a wide palette of aromas and great length. ...

Dancong Oolong Tea - Lao Cong Zhi Lan
Single Bush Lao Cong Zhi Lan
Origin : Feng Huang Town, Guang Dong Province Harvesting area : Zi Mao Village, Wu Dong Mountain H...

Dancong Oolong tea - Winter Yulan
Winter Yu Lan
Light tea taste and higher flowery aroma make of this tea a favorite amongst winter oolong tea ...

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