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Chaozhou teapots

Most tea drinkers known about Feng Huang Mountains in Guang Dong province and its terroir. Reputed for its dancong oolong tea, also called "Champagne of oolong" by some, Feng Huang is also home of the famous Chaozhou clay teapots.

Made mostly of red clay, Chaozhou teapots are simply the best tea brewing tools when it comes to dancong oolong tea or lightly baked oolong from Fu Jian province or Taiwan. The density of the clay allows to properly retain the heat and help in increasing the aromas while rounding the tea liquor.

Chaozhou teapot - Li Xing
Li Xing - 120ml
A very traditional teapot shape that is hard to come accross. Li Xing has always been a favorite for...

Chaozhou teapot - Long Dan
Long Dan - 150ml
A traditional Long Dan Chaozhou teapot showing gracious lines. With its round body, this "drago...

Chaozhou teapot - Shi Piao
Shi Piao - 110ml
A modern twist on the traditional Shi Piao teapot shape. With its wide mouth and flat body, this lov...

Chaozhou teapot - Shou Zhi Hu
Shou Zhi Hu - 110ml
A nice looking teapot that mixes traditional shape with modern lines. Its wide mouth a wide bod...

Chaozhou teapot - Xian Wen Fang Gu
Xiang Wen Fang Gu - 120ml
In Chinese, Xian Wen means "pattern of lines". Flat body, wide mouth, small volume this Chaozhou tea...

Special Order - BL
Special Order - BL
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